Leading filter solutions in sectors ranging from process industry to
IT and white goods.

Innovative and environmentally aware companies all over the world come to us for the most critical part of a filter – the element that makes the filtration take place.

Cutting-edge technical expertise and a unique capacity both to develop products and to mass-produce them for our customers have given TP-Filter an exceptional international position.

We deliver them both to producers, including a broad spectrum of machine manufacturers, and to end users in the paper, pulp and water treatment industries, for example.

Additionally we also help our customers with Service and Repair of the filter segments carrying our filter bag products ensuring the very best process and life time performance.


Job group merges with TP-Filter




Job group, market leader in cleantech, merges with TP-Filter. The merger is part of the growth strategy for the Job group, where Industri-Textil Job AB, Finsa Filtration Corporation, S.L, Ekomans Oy and Processfilter AB are included.

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